Daily Prompt | Short Story Day Two

I reached out to Sara with my hand. She stared at it for a while as if she didn’t know what to do. She placed hers in mine with care, or maybe worry. I pulled her up, not too fast and not patronizing. I was very confident in her abilities, but I didn’t want her to need to climb the rock by herself. I wanted her to know that I’m here for her.

She straightened her shirt underneath her heavy backpack she refused to let me carry for a bit, and glanced at me under the fallen strips of hair, she cleared her throat, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” I put my hands on my hips and waited for her to reveal our direction. She had a need to keep information to herself, to be in control. I figured it was because she hadn’t trusted anyone in a while.


I leaned in and looked to where her finger was pointed. “The bank?” I wondered how she could trust anyone there especially.

“My mom’s company has a safe deposit box for me.”

“That they can access?” I raised my eyebrows, surely she would be safer than that.

She glared at me harder than usual, “No. Of course not.”

“How do you know they can’t get to it?”

It amazed me that she could be so fully annoyed with me so quickly. She rolled her eyes, “Because my mom set up a dummy account they pull the money from. She said there’s no way for them to trace it. It’s paid through her dividends to me, then pulled out of a secret account they have no access to.”

“Okay, back down, killa!” I put my hands in front of me and smiled, she didn’t see my humor. She rolled her eyes again and turned to lead. I simply shook my head and followed. I’d get her to lighten up one of these days.


via Daily Prompt: Trace


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