Daily Prompt | Short Story – Day Six

Mike dropped the revolver onto my dad’s desk and planted his hands on his head “Sara, oh my God, that was-” He was breathless, even though we’d done nothing but sit there in silence.

I bit my bottom lip, I had no idea either, but it really didn’t surprise me. “I know.” The revolver was loaded, so I gently picked it up, thankful it hadn’t gone off when Mike dropped it. I’d need to teach him about weapon safety.

“That was the police!”

“My father warned in his journal not to trust anyone.”

Dad had assembled a false wall behind his desk, no one but us knew about it. He told me and mom one day as he walked us through his self-constructed facade, that if something ever happened, for us to hide until the noises were gone. Mike and I had waited a good ten minutes before I thought it was safe enough to speak or move.

“What do we do now?” He paced back and forth, glancing each time at the wall from where he’d just emerged. “Wait, you said your dad warned you about something?”

I waited to see where he was going.

“So…he didn’t write a journal per se, more like a message?”


“If he was sending you messages, we need to study them. He could have already given us the key to who was really behind the attacks.”

This is where I would seriously need Mike.. Though I’d never met him before the park, I’d seen him at school, and mostly in the library. “You’re right, but we can’t go back to the bank just yet.”

His excitement fell, “Why not?”

“Look I just accessed that safe deposit box, I haven’t used that thing since I went to get my driver license a year ago, I don’t want to set off any alarms.”

“Alarms?” His squinted his eyes and tilted his head, “What alarms?”

I pointed downstairs, dreading whatever mess they’d left behind, “Those were police officers, they are looking for something from my father. If I show up to the bank more than usual, I’m afraid someone will be watching.” I could almost feel his frustration as I reached for the gun polish in dad’s gun cabinet.

“What are we going to do? How long will we wait? We need to get this done ASAP!”

I could feel myself smile while I waived the empty revolver in front of him. “I know what we can do while we wait.

via Daily Prompt: Polish


3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt | Short Story – Day Six

  1. I enjoyed your take on the polish prompt, Kelly! Nice work!


      1. You’re welcome! Keep it up!


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