Rocking Chair Me

Someone challenged me to write what me in the future would say to me now, in reference to goals and dreams.

I wrote two versions…

The Rocking Chair Me that DIDN’T reach for my goals and

The Rocking chair Me that DID reach for my goals.

Now, notice I said “reach for”, not “reached for and failed”. There’s a big difference. If I reach for them and fail, heck man! I reached! If I didn’t reach for them…here’s what happened:

In the first version where I didn’t reach for them, I was bitter, frustrated, angry, and blamed everyone else for my situation and failures. I had a constant scowl on my face and rocked back and forth, short and precise. I’m not even kidding that it was rainy and I had a dirty, dark view from that porch!

In the second version where I reached, I was bold, bright, and sat on the edge of the rocker, excited to pack, my children had taken the “step over your fear” attitude into their own lives and were exactly where God wanted them. So was I! My husband (who in real life just finished his degree at FSU and is going for his teaching certificate) and I were taking off in a few hours for ANOTHER summer vacation, and I had not a care in the world. The sun was shining so bright that the grass was a vivid green and the sky was a vivid blue.

Now, in reality, my only question is this:

Where had we gone on our previous vacations, but most importantly? Where were we headed NEXT!


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